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Commercial Origination Course

Commercial Mortgage Broker Course

Commercial Lending Program

(Commercial Mortgage Broker Course)


Mortgage Brokers who only deal in residential lending limit their business and the service that they can offer their clients. However, to become accredited with the major commercial lenders in Australia you need to show that you are competent in commercial lending prior to  becoming accredited. Gaining an understanding of commercial lending will not only increase the services you can offer, but also the revenue to your business.

This course has been designed to show that level of competency to lenders so you can submit commercial loans and receive payment from the lender.

What does the Course Cover?
This comprehensive Commercial Broker Course has been prepared specifically for experienced residential mortgage brokers that seek the knowledge and competency to expand into the commercial, business loan and chattel finance arena.

Trainees will learn the skills necessary to discuss commercial financing options with prospective clients, win the business, write comprehensive lending submissions and negotiate a satisfactory outcome with lenders. The program will cover….


Equipment Finance: Equipment Finance Indicators; Players in the Equipment Finance Industry; The effect of Asset Types; Types of Lease Finance; Types of Non-Lease Finance; Payments in Advance or Arrears; Goods & Services Tax (GST); The Financial Calculator and Examples; Payouts/Terminations; Brokerage/Commissions; The Credit Assessment.

Commercial Property Finance: Getting Started (including Client/Broker Contracts); Business and Commercial Loan Products and Loan Types; Types of Security (Freehold, Leasehold, Company Charges, etc.); Insurance (Property, Construction, Loss of Profits, Key Machinery, etc.); Security Extension Ratios; Directors’ Guarantees (Joint and Several Liability); Risk Identification and Credit Assessment; Factoring and Insurance Premium Funding.

Understanding Financials and Cash Flows: Core Financial Report Definitions; The Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss Statements; Corporate and Legal Entities; Ratio Analysis; Analysing the Self-employed Client; Cash Flow Statements; Development Feasibility Analysis; Residential vs Commercial Marketing Approaches; Project Cash Flows.

Commercial Origination Marketing: Residential vs Commercial Marketing Approaches; Segmentation of Commercial Finance Markets; Relationship Marketing in the Commercial Finance Environment; Prospecting for Commercial Finance Business; Incorporating Commercial Finance into Your Business.

Forms/Examples and Additional Theory: ATO Tax Ruling re Novated Lease; Equipment Finance Loan Application Form; Rule of 78 Explanation; ATO PAYG Monthly Taxation Tables; Commercial Finance Loan Application Form; Commercial Loan submission Template; Commercial Mandate; Certificate of Appointment and Fee Agreement; Commercial Bill Facilities; Deed of Priority; ASIC Definition of Director and company responsibilities; Sample Community Housing Planning Kit.


Part 2 comprises preparation of lending proposals for a range of commercial and chattel financing opportunities, understanding and presenting the client’s financial data, providing the information required by Valuers and understanding the various methods adopted by Valuers in determining the value of a business, commercial property and chattels (plant and equipment).

The Loan Application: The Documentation Required; Sample Submission Template; Finance Broker Contracts (Certificate of Appointment); Compliance and Advertising Issues.

Submission Preparation and Case Studies: Overview of Commercial Vs Residential; Professional Information Gathering; The Interview Process; Analysing Data; The Client Presentation; Loan Preparation and Lodgement;

· Case Study 1 – Family Trust purchase of Freehold Lunch Bar

· Case Study 2 – Finance for Renovations/Repairs to a Hotel

· Case Study 3 – Shopping Centre Improvements and Refinance

· Case Study 4 – Office Fit-out

· Case Study 5 – Purchase of Used Crane

The Approval Process and Loan Offers: The Basic Commercial Loan Offer;
Liaising with the Lender’s Solicitor; Coordinating Commercial Loan Settlements.

The Valuation Process: Valuation Techniques; Instructing the Valuer; Multi-Tenanted Commercial Property Valuation.

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and major regional Centre on Demand

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