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Certificate IV in Finance & Mortgage Broking

(Mortgage Consultant Qualifying Certificate)

FNS 40815 (Previously FNS 40811)

Delivery Methods:

Face to Face E-Learning Home Study Manual

What does the Course Cover?
This comprehensive course delivers industry-specific concepts and proven techniques to aspiring and experienced mortgage brokers. Adopting an A-Z approach to mortgage broking, this course covers a broad array of information, including….

Introduction to the Australian Mortgage Industry: History; Licensing and Accreditation; Broker Requirements; Terminology; Industry Bodies and Related Organizations.

Legislation and Regulatory Framework: National Consumer Credit Protection Act (NCCP); Trade Practices Act; Code of Banking Practice; Privacy Act; Commission Disclosure; Comparison Rates; Financial Services Reform Act (FSRA); Financial Transactions Report Act; AML-CTFA; OH&S.

Lending Institutions and Loan Types: Banks; Credit Unions; Building Societies; Securitized Lenders; Non-Conforming Lenders; Owner Occupied Mortgage; Residential Investment Mortgage; Bridging Finance; Residential Business Loans; Personal Loans; Commercial Lending; Deposit Bonds; Lender Peripherals.

Loan Fundamentals: What Influences Interest Rates; Core Lending Products; Loan Features and Packages; Risk Management through Insurance; Negative Gearing.

Lending Fundamentals and Ethics: The Initial Assessment; The Eight C’s of Credit; Employment/Income Considerations; Qualifying Rates; Debt Servicing Ratio (DSR); Net Servicing Ratio (NSR); Loan to Value Ratio (LVR); Lender’s Mortgage Insurance (LMI); Loan Serviceability Calculators; Statement of Position; Risks and Mitigants; Credit Reports; Non-Resident Lending; Ethical Considerations.

The Loan Process – From Interview to Settlement: Client Needs Analysis; The Application; Submission and Approval; Settlement; Roles of Each Party; Residential Mortgage Process Diagram; Record Keeping; Filing Systems; Finance Software; Commission Payments. Calculation of Fees; Use of Grants and Concessions: Stamp Duty and Other Duties; Miscellaneous Fees; State-Specific Grants and Concessions. Understanding Financials and Corporate Entities: Balance Sheet; Profit and Loss Statement; Self-Employed Client; Corporate Entities; Self-Employed Case Study.

Productivity and Marketing Skills: Now You Are a Mortgage Broker; Time Management Strategies; Goal Setting Techniques; Effective Communication; Prospecting; Prospect Enquiry Strategies; Interviewing Techniques; Client Retention Program.

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