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ExSell in Mortgage Lending


Enhance your skills and become a real expert in mortgage finance in this outstanding sales program designed specifically to meet the needs of mortgage professionals by one of the industries leading trainers. The program covers the following:

Increasing Conversions-The Sales Model

How to use the sales model process to measure your effectiveness at each step of your clients interaction, so you can better your conversion ratios.


Setting the scene for your sales interview using effective pre-qualification techniques and questions that will commit the buyer before you even meet including establishing your expert status.

Uncovering Customer Needs

Using the Iceberg of needs approach to uncover the real needs of your customer so you can provide the right solution that will commit them to the buying decision with you.

Advanced Sales Techniques

Use NLP (neuro- linguistic programming) techniques to help create the atmosphere of a win/win successful sales interaction with your client.

Closing the Sale

Learning the various types of closing techniques and how to manage any potential objections to the buying decision quickly, painlessly and easily.

Relationship Management

Converting the client from a single transactional sale to a long term highly valued client using relationship selling tactics and communication methods.  Get more word of mouth referrals by creating a WOW factor for every single client interaction.

This program costs $950 per person and runs over 2 intensive days.

Introductory special price of $499 for the first 50 Registrants*

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Call 1300 136 947
or 02 9922 5198

*Registration price will revert back to regular price upon registration of the 50th student