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Is the Course accredited with the MFAA?
Yes, the MCQC Broker Qualifying course has been reviewed by the MFAA and recognized as suitable for the professional development of mortgage originators. Industry entry now requires a Certificate IV in Financial Services. The course also forms part of the requirements for Accredited Mortgage Consultant designation from the MFAA, which is commonly required to gain lender accreditation.

Is the course nationally recognized?
Yes, the Certificate IV in Financial Services (Finance/Mortgage Broking) – FNS40815 has been mapped against the Australian Quality Training Framework and is delivered by qualified trainers who are experienced mortgage brokers under arrangement with the National Finance Institute.

What career opportunities will it provide on completion?
You may seek employment (including self-employment, contract work or as a franchise) in finance broking or mortgage broking. It may also lead to employment in mortgage lending within a bank, building society, credit union or mortgage manager.

How do I become and Accredited Mortgage Broker?
This nationally recognized, comprehensive course has been recognized by the Mortgage & Finance of Australia (MFAA) as suitable for the professional development of mortgage originators. Successful completion of this course along with successful completion of the MFAA Standards & Operating Guidelines plus NCCP module will fulfil the education requirements for Accredited Mortgage Consultant status.

Why this Course?
The Certificate IV (FNS40815) / Mortgage Consultant Qualifying Certificate maintains a perfect balance between theory and industry-based case studies to deliver results that can be immediately applied in the competitive marketplace. The course is delivered by qualified trainers who are active in the industry and have years of mortgage broking experience.

Who has this course been developed for?
1. People currently working for, or as, a finance / mortgage broker or similar who are looking to formalize their skills and knowledge; or
2. People working for a mortgage manager, bank, credit union, building society or other financial institution and are seeking employment (including self-employment) as a mortgage broker; or
3. People outside the industry who are considering entering the Mortgage Broking Industry

4. Property investors who are wanting to acquire more knowledge to finance property in Australia

5. Real Estate Agents, Solicitors accountants and other professionals in related fields looking to expand knowledge and perhaps their businesses in finance or mortgage broking.

How long will this course take to complete?
The face-to-face workshop component is delivered in 3  days. You may choose to do your assignments either during these 3 days or after completing the course.

The distance (correspondence) and electronic delivery give you the flexibility to undertake the course in your own time with our support. We have had students complete the course in a matter of days but you have up to six month to complete the course.


What if I am already an experienced broker requiring Certificate IV?

If you are already in the industry but do not have a certificate IV and would like to become compliant under the new MFAA guidelines, then we can offer you a Certificate IV through Recognition of Prior learning (Or your experience in the industry). Further details are available on the Certificate IV through RPL page


How do I get further information?
Please call our trainers on 1300 136 947, or email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . We look forward to hearing from you and registering your place in the next course.

How do I book my place in the next course?
To book your place in the course by returning the completed registration form either by post to:

Mortgage Broker Training

PO Box 6478 North Sydney NSW 2059


by faxing it to 1300 136 948.

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