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Mortgage and Finance Broker Training Courses

Specifically designed to get you started and help you advance within the Mortgage and Finance Industry.


Certificate IV Course Diploma Course

Recognition Program


How do you become a mortgage or finance broker? Start or expand your career in the finance and mortgage industry or simply improve your skills as a broker?

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Mortgage Broker Training provides courses to get you started as an Australian finance or mortgage broker . The main industry requirement to become a mortgage broker or credit adviser is a FNS40815 Certificate IV in Finance and Mortgage Broking. Even experienced brokers are required to have the Certificate IV in Finance and Mortgage Broking under ASIC requirements for credit licencing, MFAA guidelines , FBAA guidelines and to become accredited with lenders.

The Certificate IV in Finance and Mortgage Broking enables you to become accredited with lenders and the industry associations - the Mortgage and Finance Association of Australia, MFAA and the Finance Brokers Association of Australia - FBAA. The Certificate IV will also meet the educational standard of the National Consumer Credit Protection Act - NCCP (Federal licencing requirements).


The MFAA also requires members achieve a  Diploma in Financial Services (Mortgage Management) within 12 months of becoming a member, while Commonwealth bank announced in December 2017 that they will require brokers to have this qualification to become accredited with them


The courses offered are all nationally recognised within the Australian Mortgage Finance Industry by Broker Groups, Industry Associations and Australian Lending Institutions.


This is the starting point for your career as an Accredited Mortgage Broker or Credit Advisor.


If you are wanting to enter the industry, some Broker Groups and franchises will offer training courses, however you need to commit to them prior to the training, often paying large franchise fees before you can join or really understand the industry. Learning about the industry and achieving industry and government recognised qualifications gives you the knowledge prior to committing to a group or paying franchise fees. By completing one of these courses you obtain the educational requirements and knowledge of the mortgage industry first. Then with an understanding of the industry you can choose where you want to start in the mortgage industry. - Whether with a franchise, a mortgage group or independently.


How do you become a mortgage broker?


If you are wanting to become a mortgage broker and be accredited with major Australian lenders you need to achieve Credit Advisor (CA) or Accredited Mortgage Consultant (AMC) status with the Mortgage and Finance Association of Australia (MFAA) or become a member of the Finance Broker's Associaion (FBAA).

The industry associations requirements to become a broker include completion of a Certificate IV in Finance and Mortgage Broking - (FNS40815) and under MFAA requirements, from the 31st of January 2013, all current members will require the Diploma to stay compliant with guidelines - New members require the certificate IV and to obtain the diploma within a year of joining. The National Consumer Credit Protection Act RG206 implemented during 2010 also has the Certificate IV as a key educational requirement.

On completion of this course, not only will you gain the required educational standard but gain meaningful hands on experience. All our trainers have had years of real experience in the mortgage industry. You also have the ability to apply to the MFAA as an Accredited Mortgage Broker (AMC) or FBAA provided you meet their other requirements.

Courses are available face to face monthly in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, and other capitals and regional centres or by distance learning or electronic media. (See course Schedule for details)

On completion of the course we can even put you in touch with groups to get you started.


Career Opportunities


This course could also be the starting point of a range of career opportunities and jobs including:

  • Mortgage Broker

  • Credit Advisor

  • Finance Broker

  • Credit officer

  • Loan processor

  • Mobile lender

  • Credit analyst / Credit Officer

  • Loan manager

  • Finance analyst

  • Lending officer

  • Credit Underwriter

  • Lender's Development manager -BDM

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